Maya Launcher is a brand new initiative, launched by a team of CGI veterans, bringing together over 25 years
of experience within the video postproduction and visual effects industry. Our recruitment service is focussed
around CG artists with exceptional skills, mainly Maya and Nuke, but we also cover related areas.

As we speak, our database is growing rapidly, and candidates are reaching us from over 50 different countries.
Check out some of the benefits in our 24/7 Recruitment Pack :


The total cost of a one-year Maya Launcher subscription is € 225,-

This includes all handling and recruitment of your first freelance specialist. For subscription holders that
prefer to employ multiple freelancers per year, we apply a special agency fee of € 95,- on a per/gig basis.
In the event of a successful implementation, clients might consider offering a contract for 6 months (or longer).
In that case, we will charge a modest percentage of the candidate's first month gross salary.

Do you need more than just Database Access ? Try Premium Membership.